Where are all the somebody-else-made millionaires hiding??

Can't imagine what was occurring in my high school brain listening to this and Kid A back to back.

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In hindsight, we probably should have all slowed down the way @jackjohnson@twitter.com asked us to in 2001.

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I seem to have butttweeted. Sorry! Working on my memoirs.stay tuned.

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I will never get re-used to writing dates in the US way.

Facebook changing its name to "definitely not Facebook" 🥸

Found out I need a mole removed on my back and subsequently had a dream about a pineapple growing out my back.

A bit on the nose, don't you think? Who writes this stuff??

You ever rate an app 5 stars because honestly... it's been great?

Here's looking at you QR scanning app.

Would pay for a masterclass on eating tacos without staining yourself.

Pro tip: if you're out of toothpaste, brush using blistering hot water 😬🪥♨️

After flying ZRH -> SFO yesterday and waking up at 3 am, I officially declare it The Day of Coffee.

When you die and your soul is shot out hurdling towards the center of the universe, do you get a runner's high?

Some nights I gaze in wonder at the vastness of space. Other nights I look up, and I just don't even want to think about it, you know?

Simulating a Wigner crystals with path integrals was one of the first things I tried in grad school. Very cool for me to see them realized.

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Physicists have tried to form a “Wigner crystal” made from electrons for decades. Last month, two independent teams of researchers reported the most direct experimental observations of Wigner crystals yet. @Ironmely@twitter.com reports: quantamagazine.org/physicists-

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Ever since listening to @tanispodcast@twitter.com I find myself purposefully taking unnecessary detours into the woods hoping to hear the blur.

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