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Tired: startups using machine learning to detect cancer in scans with 90% accuracy.

Wired: startups using flocks of pigeons to detect cancer in scans, with 99% accuracy. journals.plos.org/plosone/arti

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Took me a few minutes to realize I was listening to the newest @MissionToZyxx@twitter.com on 2X and thought they were back in the all wheat.

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Today we achieved the dream.

Made a function called `missyElliott` that takes a data structure, flips it, and reverses it.

I have ascended.

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File this under things I wasn't expecting -- converting AI model training into a search problem solved with hash tables -- πŸ€” Rice Univ. Researchers Claim 15x AI Model Training Speed-up Using CPUs - via @insideHPC@twitter.com buff.ly/3aCkYAb

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When you label a plot the wrong way and suddenly discover a new graph type. I'm calling it the just-beat-soltaire-plot.

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AYOOOOOO Couple days ago in Shanghai, a scanable QR code was projected in the sky by drones and when scanned allowed people to download a video game.

This is the future of advertising.

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URGENT: If you use pydantic or @tiangolo@twitter.com's FastAPI and/or want to use them in the future, you need to read this:


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A fun one from @MSFTResearch@twitter.com : The Autodidactic Universe : arxiv.org/abs/2104.03902

Modeling the universe as an entity learning it's own laws over time in order to create systems that learn their owns laws over time... 🐒🐒🐒

My superpower is eyeballing which size tupperware to use.

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The word RACCOON is thought to come from an Algonquian word that literally means β€˜he scratches with his hands’.

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If there's anything I've learned from years of sci-fi books, podcasts, movies, and games, when we go to space everyone is going to call us "Terran".

New working title my for autobiography: "All my clothes are delicate: coming of age through hang drying"

Buying and showing off NFTs feels a lot like wearing Google glasses in a bar back in 2013.

Understanding the bug you're hunting is non-deterministic is a super-power.

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Blockchain is not the endless parade of failed software and empty promises, but the invention of a new regime for cloaking fraud and graft in a perpetual mutating narrative of libertarian ideas whose single purpose is wealth transfer from the gullible to the greedy.


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A talk I gave this past fall on battles fought at @doodletweet@twitter.com : youtube.com/watch?v=K7q1xVEW_v

First time watching "Coco". There really need to be father-daughter moment trigger warnings on these things.. 😭

You know everyone is always like "Donald you're being so selfish, you only think about yourself", when he has spend everyday playing in a literal shrine to Mickey.

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