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Though I don't really want this, part of me _really_ wants a legitimate reason to use a fire extinguisher. πŸ”₯

Maybe this is coder me talking, but have we considered just dropping "and" and only having the comma?


CEO to the Head of Analytics the night before a board meeting: β€œHey u up?”


I always use markdown to take notes, but only in Vim, never an actual markdown viewer. I have to imagine it would look nice though...

I'm finding wet January to be much easier than dry January ever would have been.

"WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: Share data with Facebook or stop using the app"
Nobody is surprised. And it won't change anybody's mind, either. But still ... just in case ... if you stop using WhatsApp, or convince your friends to stop using it, thank you.

Neat approach to modeling non-linear equations on a quantum computer: "It modeled any nonlinear problem as a Bose-Einstein condensate."

Neat tool to test for ad trackers on websites. Wish it came with a badge, I'd wear it proudly.

@trunk Please add me to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Python.

I'm attempting to jump ship from Twitter to a self-hosted instance ( due to the recent barrage of promoted tweets in my timeline. Wish me luck! 🀞

Ok, so clearly . Would love to find some people interested in ! πŸ™