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Understanding the bug you're hunting is non-deterministic is a super-power.


Blockchain is not the endless parade of failed software and empty promises, but the invention of a new regime for cloaking fraud and graft in a perpetual mutating narrative of libertarian ideas whose single purpose is wealth transfer from the gullible to the greedy.



A talk I gave this past fall on battles fought at :

First time watching "Coco". There really need to be father-daughter moment trigger warnings on these things.. 😭

You know everyone is always like "Donald you're being so selfish, you only think about yourself", when he has spend everyday playing in a literal shrine to Mickey.

Though I don't really want this, part of me _really_ wants a legitimate reason to use a fire extinguisher. 🔥

Maybe this is coder me talking, but have we considered just dropping "and" and only having the comma?


CEO to the Head of Analytics the night before a board meeting: “Hey u up?”


I always use markdown to take notes, but only in Vim, never an actual markdown viewer. I have to imagine it would look nice though...

I'm finding wet January to be much easier than dry January ever would have been.

Neat approach to modeling non-linear equations on a quantum computer: "It modeled any nonlinear problem as a Bose-Einstein condensate."

Neat tool to test for ad trackers on websites. Wish it came with a badge, I'd wear it proudly.

@trunk Please add me to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Python.

I'm attempting to jump ship from Twitter to a self-hosted instance ( due to the recent barrage of promoted tweets in my timeline. Wish me luck! 🤞

Ok, so clearly . Would love to find some people interested in ! 🙏


It's just Ethan.